Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Meme showing why U.S. is all F%$#@Ked up.

The United States is not the best country in the world. Our Government hates the American people. 
If you really don't know why U.S. Government has not been for the American people the past twenty years, read a few of these facts. 

If a Corporation is making Millions in Profits, Why does the Government continue to give them Millions of dollars in Subsidies? To a tune of over 40 Billion a year to Corporations.

If your a undocumented  citizen in the U. S. you get free housing, food, money, health care.

Our military has enough planes and weapons to last us a life time. But yet they continue to make more. One problem, No other counties military or person has ever stepped foot on American soil sense Pearl Harbor.

U.S. has let all major Companies move production jobs over seas without penalties.

I'm sure you know the answer to this one.

Don't forget the saline solution hospitals give you. One bag cost up to $800 for that sugar water. But only cost $2.00 to make.

Again No country Military has stepped foot on American soil sense Pearl Harbor. Another plane we don't need. 

U.S. prefers our mothers and fathers to go back to work the next day. 

Because all these illegal wars are worth Billions of Dollars to Congress and their friends, and their own business.

Why the War On Drugs will never be won. The U.S. Government has been transporting drugs to hand out to U.S. citizens since WWI. High number of planes have crashed and never reported.

You will never be out of debt after Graduation. Add late fees and penalties, goodluck on ever being free again.

More then 382 members of Congress are millionaires. With pay raises every year, But not for the American people.

It's a no brainier to look and see were the blame is for not having any money. 

No planes were ever used in 9/11. A video of a cruise missile hitting the Pentagon is all over the internet.

There was no plans people.

Really! Collecting rain water will land you in jail. I could see it now, What are you in for? Collecting rain water. 

There number one reason. They can't live off of $200,000 a yr. 

We by accident Started ISIS. NO it was planned.

We need the U.S, citizens to eat our foods that cause cancer. So no you can't grow healthy foods.

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