Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Impeachment buzz around Congress, Obama hires Neil Eggleston criminal defense attorney.


As the impeachment buzz surrounding the Obama administration has finally becomes mainstream, we look back at all of the offenses our president has committed that have brought him to this point.

They have ranged from criminal negligence to outright unconstitutional tyranny.
Ted Cruz has released a list of 76 of Obama’s “lawless actions,” and we are certain there must be many more where these came from. Such a pattern of disregard for the wishes of the American people and our Constitution simply cannot be stood for, and it seems like Mr. Obama might finally be catching on to that fact.
Darryl Issa has reported that more criminal charges will be coming for the Obama administration, and it looks like President Obama is preparing for them – he has chosen to hire as White House Counsel Neil Eggleston, a renowned criminal defense attorney.
The White House Dossier reports:
Eggleston is the kind of guy you go to when someone tells you, “time to lawyer up.” He’s a veteran at cleaning up ethics messes for politicians, most notably Bill Clinton, whom he aided during the Whitewater probes and the Monica Lewinsky affair, double entendre intended.
But that’s not nearly all. He represented Rahm Emanuel during the scandal surrounding former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich, as well as Sen. Kent Conrad (D-N.D.) and George W. Bush political director Sara Taylor when scandals touched them, Clinton Cabinet members Federico Pena and Alexis Herman during corruption probes, and various business people involved in “complex criminal investigations” according to the New York Times.
Which begs and pleads the question, is Obama looking for more protection for the White House from the various GOP congressional probes, or is he aware of the possibility that something much, much worse could break?
We are just as curious. What is Obama up to? All we can do is hope that the GOP leaders in charge of these congressional probes will eventually get to the bottom of the mess Obama has made of our federal government. And with enough evidence, even his criminal defense attorney won’t be able to get him out of answering for the crimes he’s committed.
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