Sunday, July 6, 2014

Funny Or Racist? ‘Obama Presidential Library’ Float Featured In Nebraska Parade Has Dems Livid

 People who think this float is disrespectful to the President, need to lookback at his years of disrespecting the American people. He has disrespected our rights, and has not followed the Constitution in fact he has been trying to take it away. He has broken over 85 government laws that went against the American people. So if any body thinks it's disrespectful, your more then welcome to go join him at his outhouse Library while I kindly take a shit on you as you read.

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A float from a Nebraska Fourth of July parade over the weekend is drawing a lot of criticism.
The float featured an outhouse labeled “Obama Presidential Library” and included a mannequin of the President wearing overalls and standing next to a walker:
After the parade, people across Nebraska and the country quickly condemnedthe float for being racist and disrespectful to the Presidency:
In a statement, the Nebraska Democratic Party called the float one of the “worst shows of racism and disrespect for the presidency that Nebraska has ever seen,” according to the World-Herald.
Glory Kathurima, a black woman living in Norfolk, attended the parade with her nine year-old daughter. “I’m ashamed, I’m appalled,” she said. “You see people laughing and pointing at it, smiling, looking positive about it. I immediately felt sick to my stomach…I knew what that meant, and I knew there was no sort of political statement being made by an image like that.”
On the other hand, one of the parade’s organizers, Rick Konopasek, said the float “was intended to be no more offensive than a political cartoon.” He pointed out that it was the most popular float in the parade and that it was even awarded an “honorable mention” prize.
“It’s obvious the majority of the community liked it,” Konopasek said. “So should we deny the 95 percent of those that liked it their rights, just for the 5 percent of people who are upset?”
While Americans have the right to criticize or even poke fun at their leaders, there should be a degree of respect given to the U.S. Presidency, even if one disagrees with the person holding the office.
Do you think the float’s creators went a bit overboard this time, or was it fair game?

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