Saturday, June 11, 2016

Google manipulated your search for Hillary crimes.

June 9th 12:00 pm

Google does'nt want you to know about Hillary Crimes. Type in anything related to Hillary Crimes in Google, the Autocomplete Function shows only three potenial searches. Results about a Clinton Crime Reform, Hillary Clintion Crisis, Hillary Crime Bill. Due same search on Yahoo, and Bing you get different results. Google also will not give you any information about Hillary Indictment. Instead search results show Hillary Indiana, and Hillary India. Search Yahoo and Bing for same search, and see  all the information about Hillary's Indictment. Google is clearly hiding any negative search's that would hurt Hillary in the premaries. It's clear to say GOOGLE is Bias against Trump, and is clearly voting for Hillary.  

 Please watch video below before you start searching or telling you're friends.

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