Saturday, June 25, 2016

Superintendent Fired, Gets $787,000 Severance Package From Taxpayers

6:34 PM 06/23/2016  From The Daily Caller
Money on fire (Getty Images) 
The superintendent of St. Paul, Minn., public schools has been fired, following a disastrous tenure highlighted by shaky academic performance and a huge surge in violence. But as a parting gift, the superintendent is leaving with a severance package of $787,000.
The deal between Valeria Silva and St. Paul Public Schools is engineered to provide her exceptional financial comfort. Silva will immediately transition to a new role as a “special consultant” that will last until the fall of 2017 and pay her almost $270,000. Despite the vast salary, it’s not clear what her role will be, with St. Paul school board chairman Jon Schumacher telling the Pioneer Press she would not have an office and would simply be tasked with helping the transition.
In addition to her salary as a consultant, Silva will receive $100,000 in direct severance, $213,000 in insurance benefits, $75,000 for unused vacation time, and $25,000 in deferred compensation.
Even after her employment ends, the district will make pension contributions in her name until December, 2019, allowing her to earn the largest possible pension in retirement.

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