Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Obama White House: It’s “Foolish” To Think That We Paid Ransom To Iran

5:02 pm August 22, 2016  

Obama White House: It's "Foolish" To Think That We Paid Ransom To Iran

For weeks, the Obama White House insisted that the $400 million cash payment they gave to Iran at the same time American hostages were released was not a ransom payment.
Conventional wisdom and common sense both said otherwise and the State Dept. was recently forced to admit that.
But that hasn’t stopped the Obama White House from calling their political opponents names and continuing with a “holier than thou” attitude that has become commonplace over the last few years.
Now, they have resorted to calling their political opponents “foolish”.
White House Spokesman Josh Earnest then went on to throw the State Department under the bus for admitting the $400 million given to Iran was used as “leverage” in return for American hostages.
REPORTER: “He has offered a fundamentally different interpretation of this transaction. The United States does not pay the ransom. You talked about the benefits but you did not talk about the detriments.”
EARNEST: “It is foolish in thinking so because the United States does not pay ransom. It has been the policy of this administration, that was the policy of previous administrations. There are those because of the value that we place on human life. It was the same conclusion really — reached by democratic and others. That is why the United States won’t pay ransom, even for Americans unjustly detained overseas. We do actually have a quite strong record of securing the release of unjust detained. I just Iran but other places around the world. It’s a process the administration has overhauled to make it more effective. The safe return of U.S. citizens is something the president has made a priority and we made significant progress.”
Josh Earnest has a hard job.
Spinning for the Obama White House often times is a completely indefensible position.
However, the guy seriously needs to learn how to stop treating half the country with so much contempt when he speaks.
You can hear in every single word how much he detests the right.
That’s unfortunate because the media is simply asking him questions about something his boss did.
Just own up to the fact that you think it’s appropriate to pay ransom for American hostages.
It’s wrong.  But at least it would be honest.
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