Monday, September 26, 2016

Changing Diapers May Become A Crime In Arizona. Your Tax Dollars At Waste Again.


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I know that we’ve had one of the most bizarre Presidential elections of our country’s history so far, but I honestly do have to question the decisions that some of our politicians make. Because this is just downright absurd.

There’s a new law in Arizona that is making it difficult for people to change diapers on a baby.
Oh yep. You’re read that right and the reason this law was put into place is well… ew.


According to Slate, parents and other caregivers who change a baby’s diaper or bathe a child could be convicted of child molestation in Arizona.
In other words, “parents and other caregivers who have changed an infant’s soiled diaper or bath a toddler will be surprised to learn that they have committed a Class 2 or 3 felony.”

Huh? So does this mean we can’t change diapers anymore?

This means parents and caregivers would be committing a crime by simply bathing their children or changing their diapers.
It apparently interprets state law to criminalize any contact between an adult and a child’s genitals.
If you’re not confused yet, the three justices in this case also point out that, while sexual abuse laws may be somewhat broad, they are not written much differently than other laws and changing the language of the law is the job of the legislature not the court’s.
Of course, legal analysts don’t think any sane judge will prosecute a parent for changing their child’s diaper, but still, this is the most bizarre law I’ve ever heard of.
A lot of critics have commented on the law with, “Wild guess that the federal courts will abolish this stupid law.”
Another has said, “Could you imagine the burning diaper rash, screaming babies and the triple flutter blast….stink in the state of Arizona if parents followed this law?…What a backward, bizarre law. It makes the legislature look like fools.”

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