Sunday, November 20, 2016

Shocking! Michelle Obama & Hillary Caught Glamorizing Drug Dealers & Dat...

Because it's raining and I'm bored I decided to give my opinion on this past election. Not about politics, I could care less about Government. But about how candidates can be so fucken ignorant. 
If only I had my own talk show, You think Howard Stern was bad. I would tell it like it is, Hold nothing back. 100% pure truth. No one is perfect. But If you start talking about negative shit, make sure you're life is clean, because it's open season. Remember "People living in glass houses, shouldn't throw stones." 
I don't know about you but, I've had enough of Clinton's and the Obama's Hypocrisy towards Trump this past year. Now we all know politicians are the biggest, dumbest, ignorant HYPOCRITES in the world. Especially during every election year. This includes the Millions of people who cheered at their campaign rallies and voted for Hillary and Obama. It blows my mind people can stand in front of millions of people giving a speech trash talking their opponent about all the negative and nasty things the opponent has done or said. Then say the person has no business being President when they them selves have done and said the exact same things. Most of the time they have done worse things. 
Let me see if I have this correct. Hillary and Michelle call Trump a sexual predator because they where shocked after they heard a 11 year old tape of Trump talking and laughing in a locker room about sexual assaulting women by grabbing a women's pussy. Michelle and Hillary talk about protecting all children. Michelle stop drinking the Kool-Aid. How can you say Trump laughing is unacceptable when you Michelle  can stand next to Hillary who you know defended and got a child rapist free. Then laughed at the 12 year old girl about successfully blocking the admission of forensic evidence that linked you're client to the crime. Hillary knew her client was guilty of the crime from the forensic evidence. Hillary, how can you be offended by someone saying "I just grab women's pussy for fun" But not be offended by letting a guilty child rapist go free to do it again to another child. It's good to know someone can rape your daughter Chelsea and you wouldn't mind them going free.
Read all about Hillary's story at link below. then watch the video of Hillary laughing about getting the rape charge dropped.

Now for the most HYPOCRISY speech ever by Michelle Obama.

While Michelle Obama is finding it hard to sleep at night about Donald Trump‘s “shocking” and “demeaning actions” and below “basic standards of human decency,” she should remember that, when it comes to demeaning women, those who live in a glass house, like the White House of all places, shouldn’t throw stones.
In the last seven years, Michelle and President Barack Obama have hosted some of the crudest, foulest-mouthed rappers out there, fueling the fame-hungry cultural influences whose demeaning lyrics urge a generation of young men to grope and objectify women, she needs to attend a class on these values she talks about.
The Obama's hate and can't stop talking about Trump’s infamous locker room talk, but they’ve got no problem with White House rappers visiting like Kendrick Lamar, who sings Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe. The singer who trashed up Sunfest’s family night in 2013 with an hour and a half of "nigger bombs", “fuck bombs" and “cunt bombs" during a performance.
Here is a sample of his lyrics from Hol’ Up, which he sang at the White House:
“Stewardess complimentin’ me on my nappy hair/If I can fuck in front of all these passengers … Back in this bitch in the the back of that bitch/ Wit’ my back against the wall and yo’ bitch on the edge of my dick/ Jump off/ I call a bitch a bitch, a ho a ho, a woman a woman.”
I'm sure Michelle couldn't sleep all night after hearing that song.
Then there’s Ludacris, a repeat White House visitor.
It's ludicrous that Ludacris is shaking the president's hand! (via Instagram)

I don't recall Michelle telling Ludacris to stop signing this song below in front of her daughters while at the White House. 

“Yo girl you taste like a Cinnabun/ so sweet from the thighs to the cheek/ sex on the beach check the size of my meat.”

And, there’s no forgetting White House frequent flyer Jay Z, and Beyonce. 

Jay Z and wife Beyonce at Barack Obama's inauguration (Splash News photo)

Both are  major campaign contributor and fundraiser for the Obama's and the purveyor of fine songs like the one called Pussy. One of her daughter favorite songs. 

“I-I know this girl we call her Sweet Cooch Brown/ Hands down Mami had the bombest pussy in town/ One dip in the girl pool, thatz all it took/ One sample of the snappa and ya ass was whooped.”
The song goes on to talk about a seven-year-old boy having sex with an eleven-year-old girl. So Michelle, I watched a video of you and you're daughters dancing and singing right along at the White House. I doubt the song shaken you to you're core like you said hearing the word pussy from Trump. It's OK for you to say pussy while signing the song, but anyone else says it, and you stay up nights not sleeping. The Obama's have got to be the dumbest family ever in the White House if you think the American people are dumb. Wait only the ones who voted for you and believe and are blind to you're bullshit.  
In you're speech. You explain what are we teaching our children about values, and you can't believe a Presidential candidate talked and laughed about pussy 11 years ago in a locker room. That was shocking to you? Why don't you ask you're good friend Bill Clinton what he and Monica talked about in the Oval office as she gave him a blow job before a press conference. I'm sure the word pussy was used right before he stuck that cigar in hers. How can you worry about what you're daughters hear every time you turn on the TV. When you had all those concerts at the White House like Beyonce singing (with you're daughters in front row,) "You fucked me good, I take you to Red Lobster". or when Rick Ross came to the W.H. singing a song that promotes drugging and raping women in his song U.O.N.E.O..
All the singers you had at the W.H. sing about normalizing rape, cop killing, drug dealing. I'm excited to see you HYPOCRISY monkeys leaving in two months. 
Watch the INFO WARS video below and share all these videos to expose these HYPOCRITES.

OK!  Now that I got that off my chest, Time to go find some.... you know what.
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