Friday, November 25, 2016

Videos that will make you move out of the U.S. tonight. From doctors to the food you eat. Stop doing it.

And NO!!! it's not going to get better, or get fixed, or change. Our Government is nothing but a scam. These are well planned out events taken place. Including planning 9/11. No planes ever used. Including Sandy Hook Shooting. 26 kids did not die that day. If you believe those two events really happened, our to blind to see it, then don't complain about anything. Rest of the people don't even question it. Just keep right on dying like Sheep.

Start with watching this video


The Government interest is not in the American people, but for them selves. Look around you. The laws they put in place. The Government seems to think they own the rights to all the wind, and rain. They do not want you living off the grid free of charge. Just take a look at what U.S. Government makes it illegal to do.

  1. Forbidding front yard gardens to grow food, within the first 30 feet of front yard   space. Read more at

  • Illegal to collect free wind on your private property.  Home owner sentenced to 6 months in prison for using windturbine.
  • Several States hold exclusive rights to "all core sources of water".
    1. A rural Oregon man was sentenced Wednesday to 30 days in jail and over $1,500 in fines because he had three reservoirs on his property to collect and use rainwater.

  • Our country leads in man made medical problems in children, and young adults killing them. Ever notice other countries have no children with all the medical problems our country has. Because other countries don't mind if their citizens live. The U.S. Gov. actually wants you do die sooner then later. While all other countries are providing ways for better living and a long life, The U.S. is providing laws to make you're life a living hell so you can die quicker. Now tell me what country you do not want to live in?  Anywhere but the U.S.


    The Government seems it's OK to add Fluoride to our drinking water with out our knowledge. Another cause to Autism.

    Sodium fluoride: is dangerous, and should never be ingested. Long known as an effective roach poison,  is a endocrine disrupting, neurotoxic, and bone-weakening substance.  Very dangerous to infants and children. FDA has never approved fluoride drops.

    Over 25 other countries require labeling of GE foods. GE foods present problems for various regulatory systems in the body. 90% of all U.S. soybeans, 90% of U.S. sugar beets, and 85% of U.S. corn crops are genetically modified. GE food leads to cancer which causes death.


    U.S. has no mandatory labeling laws for GE foods in the United States, even though England, France, Germany, New Zealand, Switzerland, China, Indonesia, including the other 25 countries have outlawed GE foods. Because they cause cancer and effect - including the immune and inflammatory system - and causes disruption in cell signaling or in digestive tract function.

    Doctor Blows The Whistle On Chemotherapy

    My advise to all Americans is to save your money, and get the hell out of U.S. as fast as you can. Don't buy a house, don't buy anything you can live without. I have less then nine years before I could leave. I sleep on a couch, I own nothing but my clothes, my 1999 Ducati 750 Monster Motorcycle, my 2001 Suburban 2500 and that's it. The few items I do own will be sold the day before I leave. 

    Please watch the videos below: After watching these videos, if they don't make you want to leave this country, then start planning your funeral. You don't have much time to live.

    Why I don't vote, and you shouldn't either.

    5 Fake Stories That Mainstream Media won't talk About.

    CIA Plane Crashes with 4 Tons of Cocaine on Board.

    BBC Reports 911, WTC 7 Collapse BEFORE it Happens


    The truth about cancer


    Our Federal Government is the biggest Drug Dealer in the world

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