Sunday, December 11, 2016

Do Not Get The Flu Shot. Top 3 Reasons

OK!  Let me explain the short version to you. I have never had the shot or been sick in over ten years.

#1 Our bodies are fully equipped with mechanisms to fight off viruses and germs. All you do is keep your immune system healthy. By getting Vitamin B, C, D, E, Zinc, reduce your sugar consumption. By eating foods or taking pure 100% natural vitamins.

#2 Cancer causing Vaccinations is Billions of Dollars a year business to Pharmaceuticals, Medical Insurance and Congress. ( 60% Congress own stock or part owner  Pharmaceutical Company.)  Ever wonder why past 15 years the Government sudden interest in society health. Why the strong push from 100% Doctors,  and Government to vaccinate as many people as possible. But when asked if they would receive the shot, 100% of Congress said no they would not, along with  60% Doctors. Why Congress and Pharm. are pushing Laws for mandatory vaccinating citizens and children..... except Congress and other Government employees. It's OK! for them not to take the shot. Government will also pay you to get the shot. Really!! One reason only..... to infect as many people as possible with Cancer, sell you Cancer medication, Chemo treatments. By the way Chemo does not work 97% of the time. Published results in Doctors Medical Journal of Medicine. People die from the Chemo treatments, not the Cancer.

#3  Most all Flu Vaccines substance is Carcinogen a Highly Toxic, Deadly, causing Cancer and listed by Environment Protection Agency as unsafe. What's inside vaccines? Start with Thimerosal better known as Mercury  highly toxic heavy metal. Attacks every organ and system in body. Causes Alzheimer. It's unsafe to touch or swallow, yet Government and Doctors recommend you inject the same poison in your body. Formaldehyde  contains Methanol a registered Pesticide by the EPA. Beta-Propiolactone  toxic Disinfectant.

Flulaval Flu Vaccine was tested to have 51 parts per million mercury. 25,000 times higher then the maximum included in drinking water set by the EPA. But don't take my word for it. All the research and findings showing flu vaccine all deadly are in medical journals and books. Government and doctors know they cause cancer and kill you. But it's all about the $$$$$$$.

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