Saturday, December 24, 2016

Reality Check: DEA Reschedules CBD Oil as Schedule 1 Drug

Sorry but I can't let another day go bye and watch our Government BIGGEST HYPOCRITES on the planet again show how they DO NOT have any interest in the lives of the American people and not say anything. I see my opinion not as opinion, but a fact. Just look around and watch. The proof is everywhere. I know the reason why you do not have free energy, vehicles run with out gasoline. The cure for cancer. Do you?

For any of you who still believe our Government is the greatest, cares for you, wouldn't lie to you, or kill you, GREAT! keep living under that rock and thinking that. Even for one person to agree with our Government has been doing is OK! is one to many. But that's you're opinion. None of my business. But feel free to challenge my opinion with you're own real FACTS and reason for thinking our Government is great. Just be ready with pure facts why our Government is great. I really doubt you're have any if one. But give it a shot. Or just give me you're opinion on my writing about this subject good or bad. 

My personal thoughts, my words are just that mine. My take on cannabis is based on years of real life proven medical research. In home medical videos by doctors showing cannabis oil stopping seizures in children in under a minute. Real life people who had cancer, and are now cancer free. Showing no signs of cancer. Stopping a person with Parkinson's disease from shaking uncontrollable in just minutes. Click on video below. Part 3 of 3 parts video on healing effects of cannabis.

It was only a matter of time before the Government classified CBD oil as a dangerous drug. The oil used by doctors and hundreds of thousands of people including kids to treat and cure a number of diseases is now illegal in the U.S. A felony if caught using it. A oil that's been science researched and medical proven, published in several medical journals to save lives and cure some diseases is now banned by our Government. The FDA classifieds CBD oil in a group as most dangerous drugs. 

The FDA along with DEA illegally created a new category of dangerous drugs. Called Marijuana Extracts. Any oil from the cannabis plant like CBD oil which has has no medical value will be a Schedule 1 Drug. Their are 5 classifications drugs fall under. Schedule 1 is used to describe the most abused dangerous drugs including heroin, lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), peyote, methaqualone, and 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine (“Ecstasy”). 

It's no surprise the DEA has no authority to do this. They only have authority to in force the law. Not to make up a new category of dangerous drugs. They can't create or expand the rules. The real reason for this comes from the pharmaceutical companies. The do not want you to use the working CBD oil in place of their none working drugs. They tend to lose billions of dollars. That's the main reason Federal Government will not pass the law to legalize marijuana. 

See people don't realize you can have a vehicle run on 100% water. You can have reusable free energy.You can cure that deadly disease. But anything you invent that will cause any of the big corporations to lose money along with the Government, you will be killed. Don't worry the FBI does give you one warning to stop you're project and not introduce it to the public. 

Rory Johnson, Aries M. DeGeus, Dimitri Petronov, Eugene Mallove, Stan Meyers,
Howard “Rory” Johnson of Elgin, Illinois. All these inventors died or should I say murdered. It's simply, if you invent a way to get free electricity or free energy, or vehicle operates with out gasoline. All these lead to taking money away from the Government. Which leads to you being killed bye the Government. Remember the Government hates competition. 

Just like poor inventor Stan Meyer and Yull Brown two successful inventors, discovered that charged water up to the deuterium level, that gets charged from electromagnetic and from longitudinal energy will run a vehicle engine just fine, no need for gas or diesel. No CARBON in the formula or equation, the cleanest, safest gas on the planet. Think about it only putting water in you're vehicle, the money you save. Only one problem you now take away billions of dollars away from gasoline companies and billions of dollars from State and Federal gas tax. Both inventors were murdered months apart from each other. Both had been visited by the FBI prior to their deaths. Click on video for more info.

Remember CBD oil has no chemical substance ingredients. No THC, you can not get high from the oil, has no psychoactive use. The abuse potential is zero, cannot die from over dose, no addiction to being dependent. But our Government lists it as most dangerous drug. 

The FDA description on dangerous drugs abused are the result of drugs legitimately made controlled substances. Produced by big pharmaceuticals. Of all the major drugs of abuse, FDA shows only marijuana is available as a natural, harvested product. 

The U.S. Government, FDA, DEA refuses to accept any part of the Cannabis Plant for medical treatment use. The FDA decision on Marijuana: It has no currently accepted medical use of any kind and does not have any accepted safety measure for use under medical supervision. 

Now the reason fore the Government and FDA decision to say it's not accepted cannabis for medical treatment, is why all other countries think the U.S. Government is a joke. Honestly our Government is run bye nothing but idiots. 

If the U.S. Government decision was to make it illegal because CBD serves no medical use, then why does the U.S. Government own and hold the only U.S. Patient Number 6,630,507. It lists Cannabinoid Extract as Antioxidants & Neuroprotectants. It holds the patient in using cannabis CBD  as for the purpose of treating Alzheimer's,Parkinson's DiseaseAutoimmune disease, Crohn's Disease,  

and even HIV.

For the U.S. Government, FDA, DEA to publicly say cannabis and other oils hold no medical treatment value. While at the same time holds the patient for same extracts as medicine is beyond belief. Speechless is more like it. This is the kind of Government actions that causes Americans and other countries to see how really our Government is run bye the biggest hypocrites, selfish idiots, nothing but ignorant people leading this country right in the toilet full of shit.

Try telling the thousands of adults and parents cannabis has no accepted medical use of any kind. The Government will hear nothing but a Fuck You from the families. But yet Doctors been using cannabis oil for years saving lives, curing cancer, stopping Seizures, reversing effects of  Alzheimer's. People who use the CBD oil on their children to save lives, cure and control multiple forms of Cancer, Childhood Epilepsy Syndrome, Crohn's Disease and adults who use it to control Alzheimer's, and multiple other diseases. 

Click on video to view the report

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