Sunday, January 1, 2017

Look Back At 2016 Some of the Lies From Hillary Clinton.

 People who believed and supported Hillary after a decade of proven lies must be a special kind of stupid. 

Hillary Clinton made headlines for appearing unsteady on her feet before abruptly leaving a 2016 9/11 memorial event. Two Hours Later Teresa Barnwell had "filled in" for the candidate in public later in the day to create a false appearance of renewed vigor. Hillary Denied rumors Later. 


Two Hours Later She Is reenergized.

Hillary Clinton Blows Gasket When Confronted With The Truth. "I Do Not Have Money Donated from Fossil Fuel Companies."   One Problem. Chevron, ExxonMobil, Hess, Noble Energy. Are Deal With Fossil Fuel.

She also deals stolen property. Couldn't lie her way out of this one. GOTCHA

Secretly Exposed Highly Classified Top Secret Information. Then Lied About Knowing Information Was Classified, And Said She Couldn't Get A Copy Of 30,000 Emails Because She Deleted Them. That's Funny Soon After 30,000 Emails Were Found.

She Looked Directly Into The Faces Of Grieving Family Members And Lied, Saying "It Was Because Of A Video." Your Loved Ones In Benghazis Were Killed.

U.S. Military Not Happy With Hillary Clinton Talking About Nuclear Launch Information. The Most Classified Information Of Precise Specifics Of Launch Times Given To Public.

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