Tuesday, May 30, 2017

You MUST Lie in Traffic Court


The biggest problem with traffic courts is NOT with the courts themselves. It's with the people who become victims of those court simply because they failed to learn and understand what "Statute Law" really means. Put simply, "Statute law" is just another term use to describe, "Contract Law."    Example: If a cop stop a person for speeding (or any other "violation" of a statute law) and issues a "ticket".....DO NOT PANIC or get all stressed out! That ticket is nothing more than a "Contract Offer"! Read what the ticket says carefully, for Pete sake! 1)The top of the ticket describes: your name , your automobile info, and the date and time you were pulled over. etc, etc. 2) The middle of the ticket listed all the so-called violations you supposedly committed, along with the corresponding statute codes and ordinances that pertain to that (those) violations. 3) At the bottom of the ticket is where you learn exactly what type of contract that ticket is. At the bottom you will see a specific date and time. There, you are ordered to respond to that contract offer (ticket) by a specific date and time...either by paying a fine or by appearing in court. This type of Contract Offer is called an "Implied Contract Offer." It is "Implied" that, by NOT paying the fine or appearing in court, that you fully agree with all the terms and conditions stated on that ticket (Contract offer). And, unfortunately, "Implied Contracts" are indeed legal and binding contracts in US....but shouldn't be. Moreover, this is exactly the same type of "Implied Contract offer" that the IRS uses to entrap and extort money from the the public! "Pay by a certain date and time, or else!" So...DO NOT IGNORE IMPLIED CONTRACT OFFERS! And for Pete sake, don't toss it in the trash can! But rather, submit your response as quickly as possible! Failure to respond "implies" you fully agree with the terms and conditions stated in the contract offer. You can and will , be held accountable! The best way to respond to such Contract Offers is by immediately sending them a registered letter that reads: To: {Country clerk's name or Judge's Name} "Thank you for your Contract offer. However, at the time your contract offer was issued (see attached), I was not traveling under the privileges of my purchased Driver's license, nor was I engaged in any commercial activity. Hence, at this time I do not consent to a contract and I waive all benefits." Sincere thanks, {sign your name here} {Date goes here} That's it! Pretty Simple, eh? Say absolutely nothing more than that! Simply Attach a Zerox copy of the ticket to your letter and mail it! NEVER, NEVER,NEVER enter a plea (inside the courtroom or out), nor provide any explanations or excuses for your actions...and for Heaven sake, don't make any threats of a lawsuit or other legal actions. All that does is peeve people off and encourages them to test you further. You see... without a contract....agreed to by all parties involved...neither that court, the IRS, nor any statute judge has any jurisdiction over you whatsoever! None! Nada! Zilch! Remember....all Statute Laws require a Contract.....contracts that require YOUR consent before they can become legal and binding!

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