Sunday, December 31, 2017

D.U.I. Check points tonight 12/31/2017

Police operating  D.U.I. Checkpoints in following locations for tonight, starting time for most  7:00 P.M.  Sunday  12/31/2017.  Los Angeles and Orange County tonight are replacing D.U.I. check points with Saturation Patrols. They blanket the city with as many as 100 officers in unmarked cars and just drive streets looking only for drunk drivers. So watch out.

AB353 was signed into law in California.  This means that drivers without valid licenses who are stopped at DUI Checkpoints in California will no longer automatically have their cars impounded - the PD's now have to make a reasonable attempt to find the owner and notify them.  And if the owner can pay the fines etc. they can get the car back without a 30 day automatic impound. This also means that a major part of the $$ incentive for the cities and the PD's to hold these Checkpoints has been removed.  Click Here for a post-passage article and some background on the new California law's effect.      

 _COUNTY                _CITY                       LOCATION                                       
San Bernardino         Ontario               Grove Ave. / Mission Blvd.         
Los Angeles            Wilmington           PCH / Eubank Ave.                      
Riverside               Lake Elsinore         Mission trail / Malaga Rd.
Los Angeles        North Hollywood      Victory Blvd. / Bellaire Ave.
Ventura                Sherman Oaks         Ventura / Columbus
Ontario (2) E 7th St. / N. Grove Ave. AND So. Grove Ave. / Mission Ave.
Riverside                Riverside               Van Buren Blvd. / Washington St.
Hemet                     Hemet                                On HWY 74

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